10 Ice Breaker Facts You Wouldn'T Believe

A grouping of frogs is called an Army!

Carrots in the wild were originally Purple in color. 
The Dutch planted seeds together until their color turned orange, which was also their royal color

Hummingbirds hibernate every night.
They go into this deep state hibernation mode every night to prevent dying from starvation during a night sleep! 

If you keep a pineapple in your mouth for too long, It will start eating you!
Proteins in Pineapple has capacity to degrade meat, including ones found in our mouth. Tummy is a different matter altogether and Pineapples don't stand a chance there.

There are more lakes in Canada than the rest of the world combined

Blue whale arteries are large enough for humans to swim through.

And, Their hearts are also the size of cars.

Planet Mercury's day is 1.5 times longer then it's Year!

On the planet, a 10 day old infant would be 15 years old. Holy crap, where did I learn to do math again?

Humans don't smell rain

The additional moisture in the air actually just heightens your sense of smell.
This explains why after the rain you can smell the cement so well.

All Polar Bears are left handed.

A strawberry isn't a berry but a banana is.
Go figure!

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