21St Century - What'S In Basket ?

Enjoy & foget :-)) .. atleast some make sense..

This is 21st century for you.

Science and technology have brought so much blessing to mankind that life is
made easier by the day. If you are over 30 years of age, you will know the
miracle of the 21st century. Read on.

*Our communication - Wireless

*Our dress - Topless

*Our telephone - Cordless

*Our Cooking - Fireless

*Our youth - Jobless

*Our food - Fatless

*Our labour - Effortless

*Our conduct - Worthless

*Our relation - Loveless

*Our attitude - Careless

*Our feelings - Heartless

*Our politics - Shameless

*Our education - Valueless

*Our follies - Countless

*Our arguments - Baseless

*Our boss - Brainless

*our HR - Useless

*Our job - Thankless

*Our salary - Veryless

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