A Year Of Living Courageously

Year 2006 got us all in a fix.

A: Ambani. Mukesh fixed his sights on acquiring the greatest power; Anil got into a fix trying to distribute it. Abhishek-Aishwarya courageously battled mangalik forces and mangling media, but the Ash-Hrithik kiss machao-ed so much dhoom, that it made Baba B into a star-cross lover. Arundhati valiantly tried to alter Afzal's doom

B: Bomb blasts shattered the rush-hour, lives and the overworked Mumbai spirit. But commuters still fought to catch their train another day

C: Cartoons. No lines were drawn between those who laughed and those who rampaged. All cartoonists however did not apply for a job at the nearest Call Centre, another profession which came under mental and moral stress, but continued to laugh all the way to the bank

D: Designers were certainly not in stitches over 'in' look of layered problems. Wardrobe malfunction competed with scripted exposure since the rag trade, like corporate governance, embraced transparency. At warring Fashion Weeks, gross and over-the-top sniping rivalled gross tops

E: Entertainment fatigue. You could not move without being hit by a TV camera shooting party bullet-ins

F: Fear of Flying increased with congestion, fog, DVT and Security

G& H: Gates spread his zillion-dollar aid, but not faster than the spread of HIV-AIDS

I: Our cities lagged behind thanks to low IQ — Infrastructure-Quotient

J: Justice for Jessica, and Priyadarshini Mattoo. Just deserts for a host of criminals, who got away because too much political clout engineered too little evidence

K: King Khan courageously battled flops like KANK to enter the new year as the new face of KBC. With a little help from K-Jo, whose own Koffee reached its dregs

L: Lalu unfixed Laloo to become the star of IIM, plus Harvard and Wharton

M: A Mall-a-minute carpet-bombing; the lull in between was filled with Multiplexes — and Mahajan scandals

N: Nuclear clouds were blown away with the help of Nick Burns and salves for Nay-sayer scientists

O: Orkut was a hit, and it took much courage to admit that you thought it was a Viking warrior instead of a cyber marauder

P: Pesticides led to a new interpretation of 'Cola wars'

Q: Quotas grabbed an unfair share of mind, media and professional space

R&S;: Retail and SEZs became the Kerala massage of India Inc; everyone had his oily hands on them

T: Tata steeled himself for Corus and the rusting Iron Mohila

U: Urbanisation was a lot like Mamata, seemingly for a greater cause, but always out of control

V: Viswanathan, Kaavya, brazened her way through 40 thieved phrases

W: Warming, Warring, both had to be battled globally

X: Xbox became the new Xtasy of the always-game Indian

Y&Z;: Year-enders such as this one could bore you to death; Zzzz is your best armour

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