Ajax - Scared Of Writing Ajax Code?

Scared of writing AJAX code?

Do not want to get into intricacies of event based JavaScript?

Are you a Java developer with no prior scripting experience but still have to write AJAX based applications?

Here comes GWT for your rescue!!!! Google™ has launched the Google Web Toolkit (Beta) and is looking forward to receive feedback from the developer community. You can download it here(http://code.google.com/webtoolkit/download.html), and give a try.

Here’s a summary of why you should use GWT.

Use any Java IDE of your choice to write / run / debug the Java code which does what you want your AJAX code to do.In other words, the event based programming which you otherwise do in Javascript,similar code needs to be written using Java.Off course,you need to use the special API of GWT, which exposes the UI related functionality. Preferably, use an Eclipse based IDE because GWT also gives a choice of generating Eclipse compliant project.

After you are done with the Java development, take a break , and let the Java-to-JavaScript compiler of GWT do the rest for you, which will generate JavaScript and HTML files which you can run in the Web Server of your choice.

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