Bob Woolmer'S Death - Indian Cids To Investigate

Bob Woolmer's Death - Indian CIDs to investigate

BOBs death, CID Mr. DASAN & Mr. VIJAYAN to Fly to JAMAICA
Bobs death soon to be a pride to India. Jamican Police asked for India\'s great two Malayalee CIDs help.
Dasan & Vijayan the great two CIDs have great track record of proving so many gerat cases before. Indian gvt accepted the request and they will send the two soon.
Mean while Mr. Dasan & Mr. Vijayan said in the press meet that

1. They are happy to take this up and assured that this case is simple & can be proved in a day or two
2. Mr. Dasan said that he alone can go and prove this, but due to Gvt pressure he is taking his assistant mr. Vijayn Aswell, Mr. Vijayan Denied this.
3. They said that the investigation will be started on the 1st day by a huge Identificatio parade
4. Then They will do the DUMMY TEST, The following dummies are taking with them,
- A Dummy of Bob Woolmer
- A Dummy of the BAll
- A dummy of the Bat
- Dummeis of all Pak cricket players
They said they will update the media about the developments

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