Computer Software And Indian Films... Enjoy!

SOFTWARE: Pentium II and Pentium I
FILM : Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan
SOFTWARE: An employee who signs a bond
FILM : Bandhan
SOFTWARE: Ctrl C+ Ctrl V
FILM : Duplicate
SOFTWARE: An employee on probation
FILM : Paying Guest
SOFTWARE: Ctrl + Alt + Del
FILM : Aakhri Raasta
SOFTWARE: An employee who frequently changes the company
FILM : Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi
SOFTWARE: An employee who is ready to sign a bond
FILM : Dulhan Banu Mai Teri
SOFTWARE: An employee without signing bond
FILM : Kachche Dhage
SOFTWARE: Sister concern
FILM : Judwaa
SOFTWARE: Boss says to employees when asked for increment
FILM : Kuch Kuch Hota Hain
SOFTWARE: An employee who works sincerely
FILM : Dil Se
SOFTWARE: An employee who is ready to leave his job
FILM : Doli Saja Ke Rakhna
SOFTWARE: A project having two projects leaders
FILM : Ek Phool Do Mali
SOFTWARE: An employee without accommodation
FILM : Pardesi Babu
SOFTWARE: Password
FILM : China Gate
SOFTWARE: Super User Password
FILM : Gupt
SOFTWARE: An employee who sticks to a company for more than
Three years
FILM : Amar Prem
SOFTWARE: Bill Gates
FILM : Humse Badhkar Kaun
SOFTWARE: Microsoft Corporation
FILM : Ustadon Ke Ustad
SOFTWARE: Group Leader
FILM : Khal Nayak
FILM : Jagte Raho
SOFTWARE: Dos & Windows
FILM : Do Raaste
FILM : Guide
SOFTWARE: Internet
FILM : Door Gagan Ki Chhav Mein
SOFTWARE: Operator vs computer
FILM : Main Khiladi Tu Anadi
SOFTWARE: Windows 95
FILM : Bade Dilwala
SOFTWARE: Undelete
FILM : Naya Jivan
SOFTWARE: Project incharge
FILM : Mohra
SOFTWARE: An employee who falls in love during his posting In
> foreign
FILM : Love in Tokyo
SOFTWARE: An employee who left the job without informing
FILM : Nau Do Gyarah
SOFTWARE: Mail Merge in MS Word
FILM : Sangam
FILM : God father
SOFTWARE: Interview
FILM : Muqabla
SOFTWARE: Result of Interview
FILM : Kadwa Sach
SOFTWARE: An employee who fails to get visa
FILM : Hero Hindustani
FILM : Border
SOFTWARE: A system infected by virus
FILM : Pyar to Hona Hi Tha
SOFTWARE: Anti virus Kit
FILM : Soldier
SOFTWARE: System without RAM
FILM : Kora Kagaz
SOFTWARE: Temporary file
FILM : Khote Sikkey
SOFTWARE: A system which frequently requires bootable disk
FILM : Sharabi
SOFTWARE: A computer for the virus
FILM : Piya Ka Ghar
SOFTWARE: Hard disk vs Floppy Disk
FILM : Gharwali Baharwali
SOFTWARE: Boss having less knowledge than employee
FILM : Baap Numbary Beta Dus Numbary

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