Funny Pranks

Here are some hilarious funny pranks that you can play on people!

They are all very funny pranks and will make a great gift aswell. PrankPlace is the company selling them and I guarantee they're 100% trustworthy, so have no fear if you decide to order!
Pull My Finger Farting Santa

Get in the spirit (and smells) of the holiday season with the jolly Pull My FingerĀ®SANTA!
The holidays will never be the same. No one can resist Santa when he sticks out his finger.

7" Seated Plush Character that shakes and makes a farting sound with 7 hilarious random remarks.
Fake Bullet Holes and Magnets

Turn your vehicle into a Mafia staff car...These self-stick 'quasi-permanent' bullet hole decals are weather resistant and washable! Bullet hole decals are very easy to remove, they peel right off any surface. (causing no paint damage).
Shattered Window Sports Pranks

Looks just like someone hit a ball into glass. Realistic shatter marks and genuine sports ball attached to clear plastic adheres to any clean glass surface with natural static cling. No glue or adhesive needed. Peels off easily so you can use it over and over again.
Shocking Pen

Looks like a fancy ball point pen. When your victims clicks this pen, ZAP!!!!
Shocking Pen

Magnetic Bumper Gags

Slap one of these hilarious magnetic bumper "sticker" signs on someone's car and laugh your butt off as they drive down the road. These signs are printed on magnetic sheeting so they will not damage the vehicles firnish! Stick one on someone's car... They won't notice for days!
Remote Control Fart Machine

Place this under your co-workers desk, then when they have someone in their office, press the remote, and one of 5 different embarrassing fart sounds play!

Caution: You May Die Laughing! Push the button on the remote from up to 50 feet away and listen to it FART!

Random Pics

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