Glued By Robbers

Emergency workers use Vaseline to help naked man glued by robbers


A South African man was stripped and superglued to his exercise bicycle and his mouth glued shut for hours by armed robbers who ransacked his home and helped themselves to his finest Scotch whisky.

The man was hijacked at gunpoint in a wealthy suburb of Johannesburg and forced to lead the thieves to his home in another area, a spokesman for the emergency services told the SAPA news agency.

He was forced to strip before being superglued to the seat of his exercise bicycle. His hands and feet were also glued and his mouth sealed shut, the spokesman said.
The robbers wore suits and reportedly helped themselves to the victim's Chivas Regal Scotch whisky while cleaning out his home.

Help arrived only three hours later, when the man's partner arrived home.
Emergency services workers used chemicals mixed with Vaseline to release him.

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