How To Celebrate Valentine'S Day

1. Make dinner together and eat by candlelight
2. Slow dance to your favorite songs in your living room
3. Send flowers -- even when there's no special reason. Try sending exotic flowers instead of roses.
4. Mail a love letter expressing how you feel
5. Go to a drive-in movie
6. Make a "Coupon Book of Love" entitling him or her to a romantic dinner, free massage etc.
7. Have a wine and cheese picnic in the park at sunset
8. Dedicate a song on the radio
9. Share a blanket and watch the stars on a moonlit night -- or take a trip to your local planetarium
10. Take dance lessons together -- we recommend the tango!
11. Declare your burning love by purchasing a star for your sweetheart from the International Star Registry
12. Watch a sunset together in your favorite outdoor spot
13. Plan a romantic getaway out of town together
14. Buy tickets to a chick flick or performing arts show she would like or take him to his favorite sporting event
15. Buy a gift certificate for a pampering massage at a local spa -- OR, even better, get a massage together.
16. Pack his or her lunch for work -- complete with a silly love note and Hershey kisses
17. Send a care package, complete with his/her favorite book, CD, snacks, wine, a love note, and other small gifts.
18. Plan an outdoor adventure trip -- hiking, camping, etc -- or even a hot air balloon ride.
19. Call him/her at work just to say "I love you."
20. Make a list of the top 10 things you love about him/her
21. Make a custom CD or tape of his/her favorite songs
22. Write a poem and have it framed
23. Make a "play" date -- go to the zoo, ice skating, get ice-cream, go to a water park, etc
24. Recreate your first date
25. Take a walk together on a secluded beach
26. Go out just for coffee and dessert
27. Go rollerblading in the park or horseback riding together
28. Plan a wine-tasting outing to local wineries
29. Take a harbour cruise at sunset
30. Go to a museum

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