How To Hollow An Egg

Lots of egg-decorating projects call for hollow eggshells.
After you empty the egg, save the white and yolk to
make scrambled eggs, quiche or an omelette.


STEP 1: Wash and dry a raw egg.

STEP 2: Insert a long needle into the large end of the egg to make a small hole. Twist the needle as you push it into the eggshell as far as you can while still grasping it.

STEP 3: Use the needle to make a slightly larger hole in the small end.

STEP 4: Push the needle into the center of the egg and move it around to break the yolk.

STEP 5: Hold the egg over a bowl with the small end down.

STEP 6: Place your lips over the hole at the large end of the egg and blow firmly until all the egg comes out the hole at the small end.

STEP 7: Rinse out the egg by running a thin stream of water into the larger hole.

STEP 8: Blow out the water the same way that you blew out the egg.

STEP 9: To dry the eggshell, prop it up in a dish drainer with the large end facing down.

Tips & Warnings

* Save empty egg cartons for storing the hollow eggs before and after you decorate them.
* Do not ingest any of the raw egg. Raw eggs can carry the salmonella bacteria, which can cause serious illness.

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