Hyderabad - (Part - 5 ) -Birla Mandir

Here you enter the picturesque location of Adarsh Nagar, where the marble wonder Birla Mandir is located
The entrance and the uphill path that lead you to the temple atop Naubat Pahad.
Statue of Lord Vishnu on the right hand side, a little before the parking lot.
View of the Birla Mandir and the steps leading you to the sanctum sanctorum, from the Emporium
These are the shrines where you render the coconuts in offering.
Pavan putra Hanuman in one shrine.
Lord Gowri Shankar in another shrine.
After leaving the coconuts with the counter here) Marble Idol of Lord Krishna in the garden reminding one of Brindavan – to the left of the steps.
View of Lumbini Park, Hussain Sagar and Tank Bund from near the gali gopuram (first dome).
View of Secretariat with Hussain Sagar in the backdrop as seen from near the gali gopuram (first dome).
Scene of “Geetopadesam” engraved in marble in the temple premises.
Inside view of the mantap to the left, where people meditate and relax at peace
Marble idol of Sai Baba housed in the mantap.
Lift arranged for the Physically disabled and old devotees, to the right of the mantap.
View of the temple from the lift tower.
View of the gold plated Dhwaja Sthambham in front of the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Sri Venkateswara.
Day View of Temple
Night View of Temple

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