Truly Something to read and think about the current situation in UAE!
Welcome to Dubai.......
With so many Indians hopping the next flight to Dubai (or U.A.E in
general) to make their dreams would turn out to be a
shocker here.
The common problem for youth in India is that they want to make too
much money in too little a time.
They are willing to leave India on the first offer from any country of
repute (or even without repute) without considering the pros and cons.
As for the millions of U.A.E aspirants in India .........guys, hold on
- do a self assessment based on the under mentioned facts:-
Just don't multiply the AED salary by 13 and convert the same in to
rupee earnings. That would be the first of the many mistakes are likely
to make. The conversion if at all should be done for savings and not
gross earnings.
If you are a married person, consider the cost of family accommodation
in U.A.E and more importantly in Dubai. The minimum
requirement of a one BHK (bedroom, hall, kitchen) flat would cost you
a minimum of AED 4,000/- per month (not per annum, guys) any where in
downtown Dubai. Add a minimum of 10-15% annual increments in rent. Don't
expect the salaries to rise by even half that %. Expect a maximum of
If you are smart enough to realize that you can look for apartments
outside Dubai(Sharjah, Ajman, RAK) to save AED 1,000 - 1,500 per month in
rent , please allow yourself three to fours hours for commutation every
day(given the present traffic situation, which can only degrade with
influx of millions of immigrants every year). Add that to a normal 10
hours day would mean you would end up spending around 14-15 hours a day on
job....and you thought family life would be so much fun in Dubai.
Be prepared to shell out AED 100/- for a routine check up at doctors
in UAE. If you are lucky you will not fall ill, but god
forbid if you do, then you will have a big hole in your pocket.
If you aren't used to summers of north India and hail from places like
Shimla, then you are in for a treat of your lifetime.
Temperatures can run up to 50 degrees on a normal sunny afternoon and
such days are pretty regular. And did I mention the humidity levels of
95%........I am sure I did.
If you don't have children, you are lucky......because if you 2-3
children going to school......add at least AED 12,000 (per annum per child)
to the cost of living in U.A.E.
You may think that petrol here is cheaper and so would be the
taxies.......try taking a cab from airport to your hotel
would touch AED 75-100/- before you will be able to make yourself
comfortable in the Camry.
You might have the fanciest of all cars available here, but when it
comes to parking the same, you might regret buying one. Imagine roaming
around the streets of Dubai for 1 hour just to find a parking
space...........alas.....even that's not free.........don't forget to display
your parking ticket.......else a fine awaits you.
Last but not the least of all woes is a triple call rate to your loved
ones in India. INR 30 per minute from U.A.E to India.........whereas as
INR 3.00 per minute from India to UAE must give you an idea
what awaits you in Dubai.
Don't you dare think you can use skype in Dubai.........guys, it is
banned and is illegal........even sites like Orkut are banned much so for the communication.
So if you are fascinated by the growing number of glam malls in Dubai
.........the ever-changing skyline ............all the hype and glory
that surrounds this place...........the bollywood stars flocking to
Dubai every Thursday night.........the cute cars ........the chic caf├ęs
........BURJ DUBAI........BURJ AL ARAB ......Dubai Marina; think twice
buddies !!!!!!
Remember what is yours is what you take home after a lifetime in
No matter how long you stay here you will still be an expatriate UAE passport home.
Trust me, there's nothing like home!!!
Truly it is a mirage Here.

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