Miracle Water With Healing Powers

Scientists have developed a form of water, which they claim could kill vast quantities of bacteria, viruses and fungi and would speed up wound healing. In fact, it is a chemically altered version of salty water, which is full of negatively charged particles. They kill dangerous micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses by punching holes in their cell walls, at the same time leaving human cells intact because they are packed too tightly together to be attacked.

The water called Dermacyn, developed by California based Oculus, is recommended for external use only and should not be drunk.

On diabetic patients it was more effective in clearing up hard to treat foot ulcers than existing treatments. Ulcers took 55 days to heal when treated with iodine and antibiotics while they took 43 days to heal when Dermacyn was used.

Dermacyn costs around 16 pounds a bottle and has a shelf life of years. Available as a solution and a spray, the potion is on sale in the US and has been licensed for over the counter sale in Britain.

Other tests have shown that small amounts can kill vast quantities of bacteria, viruses and fungi including vulnerable germs like the hospital superbugs MRSA and clostridium difficile, food poisoning bacteria e.coli and salmonella, and the TB bug and HIV.

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