Misfortune'S Child - A Perfect Theme For A Dream

Osho, in his book of wisdom, narrated a Sufi story.
It appears to hold the golden key to end most of human misery.
There was a man dying under the weight of his own unhappiness
and was constantly praying to God to rid him of his suffering.

"Why am I alone and afflicted like this
in a world full of cheerful and happy people?"
he would complain,
"O God, give me the world's suffering,
but take away this unhappiness of mine.
It's killing me. I cannot stand it!"
And lo and behold,
an angel appeared to him in a charming dream.
"Put all your miseries in a bag,"
he announced to everybody in the town,
"and bring it to the temple.
I will rid you of your woe!"

An unbelievable opportunity
had been granted by the Almighty.
There was hectic activity,
with everybody rushing off to
pack away their sources of suffering:
cruel masters,
disobedient sons,
quarrelsome neighbours,
unfaithful husbands,
nagging wives,
usurious creditors,
dire poverty,
and so on and so forth.

They rushed with their respective bags of all shapes and sizes,
and lined them along the temple wall.
True to his word,
God's messenger appeared again and was surrounded by the crowd.
"You have all been asking for any other misery
if you are rid of your present trouble, haven't you?"
he asked. All the heads nodded in unison.
"Okay. You think over it and let everybody choose whichever bag
he likes out of the lot lined up along the wall!
It took only a few minutes' pause and, to everybody's great surprise,
our unhappy dreamer ran to pick up his own bag before
anyone else took it away.

No sooner had he done this
than everyone else rushed to grab his or her old bag!
For everyone had understood that all the other bags were
as heavy as their own and no one want to pick up the unknown.
After having lived with their own misfortunes all these years,
they at least knew how to bear them.

After he woke up in the morning,
the man thanked God
for the dream and vowed that he will never
ever ask for anything else in the future:

"I am satisfied, O God,

with whatever you have given me."

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