*****Nokia, Hp Support Mobile Forms Processing****

Nokia has teamed with HP to develop a solution that makes it easier to capture and transmit critical data from forms while in the field. The Mobile Forms Initiative, the companies say, will meet the needs of enterprise and public sector workers who need access to paper-to-mobile technology.

The Mobile Forms Initiative enables users to create forms, collect the forms’ data via a mobile device and then transmit it in real time to an enterprise’s IT infrastructure. The document can then be saved, shared and printed.

This solution addresses a critical need for enterprise and public sector customers who require paper-to-mobile workflow capabilities to communicate information traditionally captured on paper forms. According to Infotrends/CAP Ventures, more than 150 billion paper forms are used globally by enterprises on an annual basis.

Features incorporated into the Mobile Forms Initiative include HP Digital Layout Designer, HP Digital Paper Printer Driver, Nokia Digital Pen, HP Service Controller and HP Digital Paper SDK.

Used with HP printed “smart” paper forms, the Nokia Digital Pen handles like a normal ballpoint pen. The Digital Pen communicates with a Nokia mobile device via Bluetooth(TM) wireless technology when the user completes a form. The Nokia Digital Pen is compatible with all of Nokia’s Bluetooth-enabled devices (except Nokia 8910 and Nokia 8910i).

HP Service Controller connects via GPRS with the Nokia Digital Pen and is the customer’s web server for managing users, digital pens, forms and end-to-end security.

The companies are both members of the Mobile Imaging and Printing Consortium (MIPC), which was formed to facilitate the creation of printing guidelines that will make it easier for consumers to print camera phone images at home. The first set of guidelines was published earlier this month.

Other MIPC members include Siemens and Samsung from the handset side and Canon and Epson on the imaging and printing side.

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