R U A Malayali!!!!!!!

Kuttappan is a Malayali working for a multinational company in Mumbai. Not well educated and he is working as a peon. Whenever Kuttappan hears somebody talk he will come in between saying that I know that very well I know him very well like that.

One day Kuttappan's Boss a foreign educated person & a North Indian was talking something about Arnold Schwarzenegger. Kuttappan was passing thru that way, suddenly he came in between saying that oh Arni he is my best friend. Kuttapan's boss laughed at him saying that how can u be a friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger you are only a peon living in India. Kuttappan said if u won't believe it's your problem I can't help you. Ok. The Manager said

I am going on a trip to US next week you come as my assistant and we will go to Arnold's house and see what happens. Kuttappan agreed with a smile.

A week after they landed in US. First they went to NY. Arnold was there in NY. They went to meet Arnold. Seeing Kuttappan Arnold ran towards Kuttappan and hugged him asking that hey Kuttappan long time no see where were you man? Kuttappan went with Arnold to have some coffee. Boss was stunned. When Kuttappan came back the boss told him that we will go to Clintons place. Let's find out whether u knows him or not. Kuttappan agreed with a smile.

At Clinton's home Clinton also did the same as Schwarzenegger asking that where were you my friend for long time? Kuttappan went to have tea with Clinton while the boss was sitting out side the gate When Kuttappan came back boss said I have to go to Vatican to get blessings from Pope John Paul, so u come with me.

At the Vatican crowd from all over the world is waiting to see Pope John Paul. Kuttappan and his boss are also there. Boss asked Kuttappan, do you know Pope John Paul. Kuttappan said y not? Boss told Kuttappan that he will not believe this. Kuttappan asked boss to wait for some time and went inside the crowd. After 15 minutes Kuttappan came on the balcony along with Pope John Paul. Pope John Paul was holding Kuttappan's hand. Kuttappan's boss became unconscious and fell down.

When Kuttappan came back his boss was on a stretcher by his side nurses and paramedics. Kuttappan asked Sir what happened. Then boss told; Kuttappa u know Arnold I believe, u know Clinton I believe and u know Pope John Paul , I believe that too but WHEN U CAME WITH POPE AT THE BALCONY THE CROWD WERE ASKING WHO IS HOLDING THE HAND OF KUTTAPPAN after hearing that I became unconscious.



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