Some Cool Pics!

Love - Hate Attitude
He loves me............He loves me not...........
Hand Face
For those faced with a lot of time on their hands...
Motorbike Surfing
'Surf's Up' replaced by 'Bike's Up' in Hawaii
Fractured Foot or Hand?
Hope you got a good look at your foot before they put the cast on!
How not to cure foot pain...
Baby Suit
For the man who likes to be surrounded by babies...
Suit yourself, but who's going to clean his suit?
"If the shoe fits, wear it! "
Latest in 'feet feat' fashion - one size feets all...
Who needs the 'Emperor's Clothes' when you can have the Emperor's Shoes?
Illusive Dice
If what can be, can't be?
Sure could use this pair of dice in Vegas
Nosey Bird
"What's in it for me? "

Random Pics

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