Beautiful Moments

Life, at a little different angle

"on a clear day" wonder what you would see?

Luminescence is beautiful. color is an amazing gift!

It's so nice to have friends!
The world awakens. Notice that the bird's color and the rainbow match??

I want to live here
Niagara BFalls at night.
How Majestic! Don't you wonder what our pioneers must have thought??

How breath taking!!

Hope you remembered to fill the tank!
A great opportunity for exercising your imagination, in the
clouds as well as road side!! Love it!!

Winter in the Smokies. They really do look like this, a lot!

(He seems to be in camouflage )Never go swimming alone

Slippery when wet!

Winter shows off her silver lining! Beautiful!
WoW!!! A dandelion covered with dew. Love it!!

Come on!! Put 'em up, go on, put 'em up !!

Should you ever, really have any questions about our God given world.....

Random Pics

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