Whom To Blame For World Cup ...Finally Got Theanswer....!

Most of us want to forget the India's Disaster defeats in 2007 ICC World Cup.

A group of people from Bihar decided to enquire the reasons for India's early Exit.

Is it Greg Chappel ????? No

Is it rahul Dravid ??? NO NEVER... He was just an instrument.Neither he played nor he motivated the Team India.

Is it Sachin Tendulkar ??? No.. He just want to stay in TEAM.He never ever played for India in Crucial Games....

is it Zaheer Khan ???? No poor fellowww....

ist it Anil Kumble.... ??? No. Even he didn't get a chance to play in crucial matches.

is it Harbhajan ??? Noo.. He is not Terminator.... He is a gift to opposite team.. Only thru him other team will get runs. Now a days he don't like to take wickets!!!

is it Yuvaraj??? No.

is it M S DHONI ??? No No.. He is from our Place .. He don't have that much DHIMAG!!!

Then Whom...........

Whom to blame for world cup ...Finally got the answer....!

Here to Blame for India's Ugly Exit from World Cup..............!

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Refreshing the history,

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Two most powerful personalities one from past history and other from recent history,

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Indira Gandhi (for creating Bangladesh)

and Hanuman....(Not destroying Lanka completely)

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