Yesterday'S Incident Near Airport Road B'Lore...

Yesterday it was a hectic and glomy evening in Bangalore.....

A VOLVO bus, which is known for its speed and cost, was going towards Kempegoda Bus terminus from ITPL. There were around 15 passengers in the bus. When it was nearing the HAL MUSEUM there were many other HAL buses going before it, since the VOLVO buses are fast and so the drive who was driving this bus also wanted to overtake the buses that were going before it. Since there was no centre lane (a small concrete wall which separates two lanes) , and the other part of the lane was free because of the signal stoppage , the driver took the wrong way to overtake the busses.

Here started the sad and crucial accident. There was a auto and a two wheeler (Yamaha RX100) were traveling in the same direction just away from other buses. The VOLVO bus which over took the buses lost its control and first hit the auto, it killed the auto driver and then hit the Yamaha bike, and it again killed the person who was riding the bike. Then the most crucial thing happened. There were many HAL employees who just finished the work and were waiting to get bus. This VOLVO bus straightly went and hit all those persons and crushed about 15 of them under the bus.

Since it is a huge bus with heavy weight hit and the speed was high the people got struck and crushed underneath the bus. No way to take those persons. And many were injured. The injured persons were taken to hospital immediately and they took long time to rescue the bodies which were under the bus. So the public and the HAL employees planned to turn the bus (just putting in sideward) because if the bus is moved then the bodies will be damaged and some will be struggling for life. so with the help of fire men the lifted the bus and took the bodies. But no one was alive.

Then immediately after removing the body the violence started and the public and HAL employees started hitting the bus with stones and set fire to the same. Though the police and the fire service were there, the public did not allow them to put off the fire.

Since it was an air conditioned bus the cylinders burst with huge sound

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