Young Switching Off Tv In Favour Of Internet.............Says Study

Young switching off TV
in favour of Internet:
The rise of high-speed Internet and
the explosion in online video content is fuelling
a widespread decline in the number of people
watching television according to a worldwide
study by UK telecoms and media watchdog, Ofcom.

On average around one-third of consumers
with broadband access watch less television
since going online the findings, which sampled
a thousand people in each country, concluded.

Alongside tech-savvy younger generations
watching traditional TV channels on their
PC or laptop, instant messaging, blogging,
social networking sites such as MySpace and
user generated content sites including YouTube
are driving more and more to ditch old
fashioned sit-and-watch viewing habits.

Aided by the increased choice on-line,
users are switching off the television and
changing the way they consume media by
tailoring what they watch to their personal tastes.

"Rapidly converging technologies and intense
competition between providers are transforming
the global communications sector,"
said Ofcom Chief Executive Ed Richards.

Ofcom said the Netherlands (58 percent),
Sweden (45 percent) and Japan (44 percent)
had the highest percentage of their populations
connected to high speed broadband, while China
led the world in the percentage of people
watching music videos and television
programmes over broadband.

Results showed that 76 percent of Chinese
broadband users watch downloadable or
streaming music video clips while
70 percent watch TV over broadband.

A separate study by the European
Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA)
revealed that online usage was closely
linked to broadband penetration. It found
broadband penetration was up 14 percent
across Europe year-on-year with Europeans
now spending over 11 hours a week online.

The Ofcom report showed advertisers have
been quick to recognise the booming demand
for online content with Internet advertising now
attracting almost 10 percent of total
advertising spending in the UK.

The Ofcom study found that the British were
the most prolific down loaders of music while
making phone calls over the Internet was most
popular in France. The study also concluded
that Internet access boosted radio audiences.

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